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        01 02 03

          公司簡介/COMPANY PROFILE

        • Company Profile

        • Honours

        Since its establishment, Weifang Kaida Plastic Co., Ltd. has always followed the principle of quality first and credit first. After years of unremitting efforts, courage to explore and innovate, it has developed into a comprehensive enterprise with certain influence at home and abroad in the production of plastic hoses, plastic machine manufacturing, product research and development and sales. Existing PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose, PVC fiber reinforced hose, PVC high strength plastic-coated water belt, PVC transparent hose, PVC special high-pressure pipe, PVC garden pipe, PVC spiral pipe and more than a dozen products, hundreds of specifications of PVC hose and equipment.

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        • Address

          China, Shandong Province, Weifang City, ChangLe District

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